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"Omnium Gatherum"

Released in 2012

1. Heroic Fanfare, Paul Murtha, arr. Chad Shoopman, 1.15
2. Fandango, Frank Perkins, arr. Howe, 3.53
3. Give it One, Alan Downey, arr. Jim Derrick, Chris Dolske (Cornet), Rich Sweat (Drum-set) and Chad Shoopman (Trumpet), 3.39
Fanfare, Romance and Finale, Philip Sparke
4. I. Fanfare, 2.05
5. II. Romance, 1.54
6. III. Finale, 3.43
7. The Trolley Song, Ralph Blane, arr. Harris, adpt. Jim Derrick, Chris Dolske (Cornet) and Rich Sweat (Drum-set), 3.56
8. Oblivion, Astor Piazzolla, arr. Rick Mizell, John Copella (Flugel Horn), 4.12
9. March from The Love for Three Oranges, Sergei Prokofiev, arr. Chad Shoopman, 1.42
10. Tres Minutos con la Realidad, Astor Piazzolla, arr. Fred Sturm, adpt. Chad Shoopman, Warren Kus (Tenor Horn), 2.39
11. Danza del Trigo, Alberto Ginestera, arr. Chad Shoopman, 3.31
12. Danza Final (Malambo), Alberto Ginestera, arr. Chad Shoopman, 3.39
13. Nessun Dorma, Giacomo Puccini, arr. Simon Kerwin, Dee McAfee (Soprano Cornet), 2.51
14. Ravenswood, William Rimmer, 4.20
15. A Mis Abuelos, Arturo Sandoval, arr. Jim Derrick, Charlie Peshek (Flugel Horn), Chris Dolske (Cornet) and Chad Shoopman (Trumpet), 5.17
16. Excerpts from Music of the Spheres, Philip Sparke, 7.52

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

August 2011

All Is Well (featuring Tiffany Coburn)

I'll Be Home For Christmas

O Holy Night (featuring Chad Shoopman)

The Christmas Song

Russian Christmas Music




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Sing, Sang, Sung


Click here to hear a medley of selected tracks

Track listing:

1. Fanfare for the Common Man, Copland arr. Snell adapted by Michael Garasi, 3.36
2. Malaga, Bill Holman arr. Michael Garasi, 6.18
3. Rolling Thunder, Henry Fillmore arr. Robertson, 2.02
4. Bolero, Maurice Ravel arr. Michael Garasi, 4.32
5. Scherzo for Trombone, Jim Cheyne Herb Bruce (Trombone), 4.26
6. Beauty and the Beast, Alan Menken arr. Michael Garasi, 2.43
7. 'Tis A Gift!, Copland arr. Michael Garasi, 4.48
8. Stars and Stripes Forever, John Philip Sousa, 3.44
9. The Prayer, Carol Bayer Sager and David Foster arr. Michael Garasi, 4.39
10. Birdland Joe Zawinul arr. Lane and Sharp, 4.48
11. Sing, Sang, Sung Gordon Goodwin arr. Mizell, 5.19
12. Funiculi Funicula Rhapsody, Luigi Denza and Yo Goto adapted by Michael Garasi, 6.32

Total playing time: 53.30

'Tis A Gift

Brass A-Peel

French Military March

Irish Tune

Little Suite - 3rd Movement

Here is the Iwan Fox's review of "Sing, Sang, Sung" on 4barsrest:

Sing, Sang, Sung

Brass Band of Central Florida
Conductor: Michael J. Garasi
Soloists: Herb Bruce
Egon Recordings: CD SFZ133
Total Playing Time: 53.30

Published: 9-Oct-2007

It’s hard to think of a brass band that has made such an impression on the collective consciousness at the top level of contesting in the last 10 years or so than Brass Band of Central Florida. 

4BR first heard them at the US Open a few years ago and were immediately bowled over by their sense of enthusiasm and collective musical personality. Yes, they were a touch ragged around the edges in comparative terms to top class bands in the UK, but, by heck they could play, with a splendid clutch of top notch solo line players and an MD who even on the most casual of glances was something a bit special.

Within a year we heard them again and a few months later they arrived in the UK to play at the British Open. What impressed you most about them was not just their hunger to improve and learn from whom they respectfully felt were the best bands in the business (and what a refreshing attitude that was), but by the way in which they could so quickly assimilate that thirst for knowledge into palpable results.  

Within such a short space of time they had refined their tonal palette, rounded off the rough edges, warmed the tone and sounded like a top class ‘British’ brass band. We had witnessed their rather unique brand of concert entertainment of course at the US Open once more, but come Brass in Concert last year they were ready to show everyone else too – and what an impression that made.

Thankfully, they also took the time to record this release – a mix of recorded studio material and their ‘live’ concert performance at Gateshead (although the date on the back sleeve is surely incorrect). The only disappointment perhaps is that there isn’t more to enjoy – at just over 53 minutes, it’s a short release and begs the question why more wasn’t recorded, as they certainly had the repertoire to do so? Still, it’s a hugely entertaining 53 or so minutes nonetheless. 

What we do get is some fabulous high tempo, high energy, big band inspired playing (they can genuinely swing and jazz – not a surprise really given the background of many of their players and especially their phenomenal drummer Sergio Carreno) but also some lovely more reflective playing too.

Where they still lack warmth is perhaps not surprisingly when they really open up, as the strength of the top end cornets (topped by the fine playing of soprano Dee McAfee and counter balanced by an exceptionally strong trombone section) tends to over power the middle band timbre. However, given their thirst for self-improvement it will only be a matter of time before that is rectified we are sure. 

Back to the recording though and the 12 tracks leave you well and truly entertained. The studio tracks are enhanced by the usual high standard of engineering by Brian Hillson and his team and although the ‘live’ tracks tend to be a touch less focused and have a quota of blips and blobs, they never distract from the musical picture the MD and his band strive to create.

It is the big band stuff that does take the breath away – the style is impeccably authentic and the underlying foundation from the percussion is superb (it couldn’t be anything less given the background of the MD). The solo lines are also so relaxed and natural too, with Herb Bruce on sparkling form in his solo item. The band swing as one – a much harder task to bring off than you may think, especially when you hear even a top UK band trying to do the same. They are object lessons to any band and conductor – and we do mean, any band. 

You don’t get to read something like every time you buy a brass band CD now do you? Then again, you don’t get to hear a brass band like Central Florida every now again either.